U-Pick 2021

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COVID-19 Update
and U-Pick for 2021

We encourage everyone to social distance while picking and maintain safe distance and respect to other visitors. Please follow and adhere to CDC guidelines. 

Thank you so much for your support! We love our community and can't wait to have you back on the farm this year!

Fresh Blueberries
U-Pick 2021

2021 U-Pick Season is coming soon! 


Here are our dates and times of operation:

Saturday, April 10

Saturday, April 17

Weekend, April 23 - 24

Weekend, April 30 - May 1

Weekend, May 7 - 8

Weekend, May 14 - 15

Open each day listed from 8 am-4 pm


Find weather related closures on our Facebook page.


U-Pick FAQ

Q. How much is it?

A. If you pick the price is $5/lb and if it is pre-picked by us it is $6.50/lb. 

We due accept credit cards, as well as cash. 

Q. What should I wear?

A. Wear clothes to protect you from the sun. It is Florida and it is HOT! Bring a hat and lather up with sunscreen.  We also, recommend closed toe walking shoes, for comfort and protection.   

Q. Should I bring my own buckets/bags?

A.  We prefer our patrons to use our 1 gallon picking buckets since our scales are tared for their weight.  We also have harnesses to hold your bucket so you can pick with two hands and get done quicker.  This is especially helpful for those who come to stock their freezer for the year.  Some folks choose to use there own containers to take their blues home.  If you show up empty handed, no worries, we are happy to provide you with paper bags to get them home.

Q. What time of day should we come?

A. Good idea to check the weather - the earlier the better.  If you are interested in the coolest time of the day.   

Q.  Will there be more berries if I come earlier in the season?

A.  Absolutely not!  We pick the same bush over several months.  Every 3-4 days new fruit will ripen up.  If you look closely you can even see blooms on the bushes still.